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9 December 1988
Well well well. You want to know about me?


My tag name is Cake, I'm apart of Empire Arcadia and I'm also a Valkyrie of Arcadia considering I'm female. My name for the Empire is White Mage, so if you see either "Cake" or "White Mage" or hey lets get a little creative "Cake The White Mage" thats me. That, or Destruction Pancake (which is where Cake origionates from.) If you haven't noticed yet, I hate spelling.

I really don't know what else you want from me, you can probally find it on my myspace. Yeah I have a groove stats, yeah I'm on DDR Freak, and I guess this is when I explain my involvement with DDR.


I play DDR, I play ITG, I play ITG2.

No I do not want to "battle" you.

I really like Law and hopefully will excell in that field.

*shrug* I donno, IM me if you wanna.